Wickham Park Sponsored Community Wide Garage Sale


The Wickham Park Community Wide garage sale is scheduled for Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 8:00AM thru 3:00PM.

The community wide event will be advertised in local papers as the date approaches. Also, a banner will be placed at the Overstreet/Bentonshire entrance announcing the garage sale, date and times.

Sale tables and such can be setup in alley ways for those having them as many townhomes do.  Those townhomes having driveway access directly to the street (like the standalone townhomes) can setup their sale tables and such there.  Also, if desired, tables / sale items can be setup in the front of any townhouse.

The garage sale ends at 3:00 PM on Saturday.  Please have all your tables and sale items cleaned up and put away by Sunday morning.

As there will be traffic through our alley ways please drive carefully on Saturday.   When you can, encourage others driving through our association on that day to do the same.

Due to the planning, posting of Garage Sale signs in our community and published advertising, the Garage Sale will be held on that day, rain or shine!

Good luck with your sales!



Questions? Email them to us at:  WickhamParkBoard


Note: Other garage sales outside the association sanctioned community garage sale date/times are prohibited!